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Estate & Tax Consultants

Mr. Taylor has been my CPA for over 20 years. He has been my go-to person on a myriad of business challenges that my business has encountered. Besides successfully clearing up some real issues I have had with the IRS, he has also guided me so that my 3 businesses have thrived. All of my businesses are fully compliant. Based on the health of my businesses I have been able to expand our reach during the past 20 years.

Go-To Person!


When all seemed to have been lost and others failed, I engaged A.L. Taylor & Associates to do 2 main things: 1.Get my organization into compliance 2.Do honest and straightforward work for me. 15 years have passed and I am at ease in my business!

Honest and Straightforward


When my business partner died and left me with all the problems Mr. Taylor became my rock! He cleared up significant balances that the IRS claimed I owed. He and his firm can be relied upon for the services needed for growth. When everything was cleared up, I was able to concentrate on running my business. I looked for a solid rock and found one.

A Solid Rock

Rochelle, Childcare provider